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Line Marking

Hexa Sports manufacture and supply a large range of line marking equipment for all purposes:

  • Wheel Application Line Markers for grass with a variety of line widths and capacities.
  • Concentrated fluids for grass in white and a variety of colours.
  • Aerosol Spray Marking Machines for grass with aerosol spray cans in white (athletic paint)
  • Aerosol Spray Marking Machines for hard surfaces with aerosol cans in a variety of colours (traffic paint)
  • Spray Marking Machines suitable for both grass and hard surfaces with concentrated fluids.
  • Tape Laying Machines with adhesive floor tape of various colours.
  • Line Marking Acessories including grass court markers, Plifix tuft markers, cricket crease markers.

For clay court line tapes and line cleaning machines see tennis section.

Linemarking for Grass

Line Marking - Synthetic and Hard Surface

Line Marking - Accessories

Carriage charges per item are reduced for multiple orders of the same product type.

Carriage charges are for UK mainland only excluding the Highlands of Scotland.  Overseas consignments and those for the Highlands of Scotland will incur an extra charge. Please contact us for details.  For further information on any products please telephone 0121 783 0312 or use website enquiry form.
Official orders from Schools, Universities and Local Authorities are acceptable on a 30 day account basis.