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Boot and Shoe Cleaners

Hexa Sports offer a variety of boot wipers, Boot scrapers and  Boot brushes that ensure the removal of dirt from all kinds of footwear and sport shoes.
Our boot wipers / boot scrapers / boot brushes are an ideal placement next to playing fields, public footpaths, park grounds and a whole host of other situations.

  • Manufactured in heavy duty steel with integral scrapers.
  • Hot dip galvanised and powder coated dark green.
  • Removable hand rail for ease of transport and storage.
  • Available for surface mounting, root fixing or with ground sockets (sockets extra).
  • Replaceable brush sections.

We also offer grid type boot and shoe cleaners and shoe cleaners for tennis courts.

Set of 3 Boot Shoe Cleaner Brushes

Code: TCE508

£24.00 ex. VAT

Set of 6 Boot Shoe Cleaner Brushes

Code: TCE508/6

£45.00 ex. VAT