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Badminton posts

Badminton posts are a key piece of equipment when playing a game of badminton. They are supplied as a pair of posts and should be approved by the Badminton Association of England and conform to the BS EN 1509 standard. Posts will normally have undergone a zinc phosphate pre-treatment and are finished with a durable polyester powder coat finish. This enables the posts to be scratch resistant, tough and long lasting. Practice posts are designed to achieve the regulation net height. Net can be bought separately from the posts, this will complete the equipment required. With easy to use tension and puller system this allows you to get the exact net height to be achieved. Each post has a heavy weight wheelbase so that they not do move while you are playing the game, ensuring none interrupted badminton while playing, they are also on wheels so that they can be moved and stored easily. They can also available on rubber wheels so that they do not mark or damage the surface/court that you are playing the game.

Hexa sport was established 20 years ago and is situated in the heart of the West Midlands of the United kingdom near the hub of the transport network. As a company we pride ourselves in ensuring that we supply the finest equipment with the best possible services and in order to ensure that we are successful at doing this we have become a member of the Sports and Play contractors Association (SAPCA). We used a full range of fabrication and machining facilities to manufacture all of our products, produced by a skilled and conscientious workforce. We are constantly improving our supply of products and if you can see a product that you require on our website please contact us and we will be happy to help and assistance you with your requirements.

If you would like more information about our Badminton posts contact us today and speak to one of our experienced sales teams call us on 0121 772 0724. Alternatively you can contact us via email on We aim to respond to all of your enquires as quickly as possible. We are situated at New Bond Street, Birmingham, West Midlands.